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4 Steps to Building your Conscious Wardrobe

4 Steps to Building your Conscious Wardrobe

Building your own conscious wardrobe isn't as hard as you think.  4 easy steps for a sustainable wardrobe.

The 30 wears test
Aim to buy a garment you will wear again, again & again! A piece
that you can style multiple ways. Stay away from buying a piece you
will wear only once.

Become more informed
Do your research on brands and find out if they align with your values.
Support ethical and sustainable brands

Choose quality over quantity
Change your mindset - it may cost slightly more, but you're likely to
have your high quality pieces for longer rather than cheaper less eco-
friendly items.

Take proper care of your clothes
We love our handheld steamers - It leaves your clothes smooth, fresh
and wrinkle-free. The hot steam reduces bad smells, kills bacteria,
and removes all signs of a garment being worn.